Seeing a dead / death in dream meaning

Dying is a lack of religion and obedience; to travel, to move to a place or to poverty or to marry, Death sometimes an expert, to attain comfort or to honor; sudden death to wealth for the poor, poverty for the wealthy, to die, to regret a mistake or sin, to see that he died without symptoms of death, without getting sick while sleeping, to have a long life, to see that anyone who is afraid of something or sadness and distress to see that it is good and dead joy and envy to come to a beautiful situation, to see the moment of death and suffered from its problems to persecute people, sometimes to discuss the religion of death, to move home, to pay debt, to marry, to prepare the guest, to go from one art to the other art or to benefit from the right to bellowad crying by sermon and preaching, listening to this cry to open a place that emits an ugly smell or instruments to be stolen in a ceremony; to make a qualification, the Dead followed with sadness - albeit aloud - to see crying joy and bliss, to see the women crying on the wages to change the situation, ugly deeds, to die on the ground to see the naked on the ground, to see himself on a bed of healing, on a cedar world to see him dead and naked to honor and rank, to die, put on the shoulders of the coffin was taken to the grave, but not buried to see the world exalted and a great position to take over, if the world beats him to be defeated; Not to see things like shroud, coffin and bathing even though he is dead, to break something or to be destroyed, to die and to be buried, to repent without repenting, to see that he is alive when he is dead, to live to be alive, to be rich, and to be proud of sin, , The death of the unknown woman does not rain, the resurrection of this woman fertile rains, to see the death and resurrection of his wife to see the benefit of agriculture and harmony, the death of women to the death of children, the death of women to the death of women, to say that the dead of a dead martial, to take on the hardship and boredom of an atheist, to see the dead, loaded outside the usual form haram mala, to see the dead carry to serve the state, to see someone dead as a patient, he to be held accountable for a religious duty, to see that a dead person is reporting something for himself and for the people; if the dead had told us something that had not happened in the past, the dream was invalid, to see the dead in a beautiful cedar, that it was in heaven, to see the dead in white, green robes or healthy and in good condition, that the state of the grave is good; black coffee in ugly colored robes and sad to see the doom, Going after the dead, to obey the profession and work of the deceased, the idea and opinion, the death of the Umam (leader position) of the city or that the settlement of the devastated, get news of death that he is in dice deficiency, to see his son die, to get rid of the enemy, to see his daughter die to despair, to see the death of the enemy's death or to get rid of the damage of the enemy, to travel with the dead and to reach it with no life, die to eat something long, die something Expect to see that their dead parents are alive, to be sure of fear, to joy and happiness, to see the resurrection of the dead to be instrumental in someone's guidance, to see the death of a dead person for the second time, someone who is his namesake or pro to live, to see the dead complaining from one place, that he is held responsible for something, to give something to the dead - if the dead has taken it - to damage the goods or worlds, to give something to be eaten by the dead, hope to see the hand of the dead, hope to see the hand of the dead, hope to make something happen, to take a long life with a dead person, to kiss a known dead or to be kissed by him to benefit from the goods and knowledge left by him, to kiss the unrecognized dead from an unpredictable place and the world to come, the hope of breeding with the dead " If something happens, or that this is done by the dead, or that the dead beats a living, that a beaten man beats a living, that a beaten man has done something wrong, to beat a dead person - if the dead consents and obeys - the beggar is dead. e no and prayer or travel to a charity or to find something he lost, to rob the dead, to be forced to divorce his wife, cruelty in his property to occur, journey, to be cleansed from sin, to repent or - to the disbelief - to see the dead in Islam Praying on the Dead signifies that his condition is good, doing an ugly work or superstition. (See also: Killing, Bathing the Dead, Shroud, Grave / Graveyard.)