Seeing a crying, crying in a dream in dream meaning

Crying in a dream sometimes brings joy and sometimes sadness. In this case, what needs to be done is to determine how you cry in your dream and make use of the terms according to it.
• Loud in the dream, screaming, saying, tearing off his head, screaming to cry is called the dreamer's real life in a similar situation that will cause a similar cry is interpreted.
• Crying by repenting the evils he did in the dream, remembering his mistakes and asking for forgiveness from Allah, shows that you will have peace and joy.
• Crying and tears and sweat pouring out of the eyes of anyone who sees the accumulation of a place where the desired property will be. Those who are in need of water, this dream points to the mercy of God and the future of rain. Mercy and compassion come where the tears are
• It is invaluable capital to see a person cry in a dream.
• According to Abu Said al-Vâiz, seeing a person he knows in a dream is dead or sick indicates sadness and sadness that the dreamer has come out as he sees it.
• Anyone who does not feel that he does not cry but sees tears coming from his eyes will end his wishes and his wish will be accepted.
• If the person who cries in his dream wakes up and his pillow is wet, the person cries in his dream for a calamity in his life and relieves his problems.
• In the dream of jumping on the bed, crying and crying by closing the mouth of anyone who will hide the trouble from people.

Seeing Cry in Dream in terms of Islamic Dream Terms

• Crying silently points to rain and blessings, God's mercy.
• Seeing a child crying in a dream indicates that you will be troubled unnecessarily with an unimportant trouble, a sign that you start paying too much attention to the world's goods and work and emptying the Hereafter.
• Crying at the beginning of a cliff in a dream indicates that you're not really sure what you decide to do.
• Crying in a dream and wiping your tears to someone else indicates that someone will be a partner to your problem and relieve the burden of your problem.

Crying in Dream is a sign of what?

• Crying in a dream means you'll be happy in real life.
• It is a sign that you will cry in your dream and feel relieved after you cry.
• If you feel a warm tear on your cheeks when you cry, it makes you feel better if you feel happy, and if it touches your cheeks like cold ice, you will enter sorrow.
• Crying in a dream not to cry, is a sign that you will experience sadness mixed with fear.
• Indicates that you will be happy to see no tears in your eyes even when you are not crying.
• Crying and seeing blood flowing out of your eyes instead of tears indicate that you will be a partner for someone else's trouble.
• According to Abu Sait al-Vaiz: seeing a person in a dream cries to death and crying, it is evidenced to come out, to suffer from death, to grief and to blame the people. Seeing the people cry for a great man and tear his clothes signifies that he will do evil. To see that he is in a dream and the people crying silently behind his funeral is a sign that everyone will be delighted by the state elders.
• According to Kırmanı: Crying in a dream shows that the person who will see it will have great joy and pleasure. If you cry in a dream, it shows that a scourge will come.
• Anyone who sees that their tears do not flow out even though their eyes are filled with tears, earns goods and money with their rights.
• The age of the right eye, flowing into the left eye, seeing the relatives will get.
• According to Caferi Sadık: the person who saw him crying and laughing then approached the deadline. The best cry in a dream is to cry without shouting. In making this comment, Caferi Sadık said that he had experienced this dream more than a thousand times and that he saw only good and no in each one. According to another rumor: Shouting loudly in the dream or crying by tapping his hand on his face, tearing his head off indicates that the dreamer actually cries like that. If Allahu Teala cries for fear, remembrance of his sin, or regret or listen to the Qur'an, then he points to the happiness of the dreamer, his sadness and grief. Crying silently signifies fear of Allah, mercy coming down by Allah and raining for those in need. Crying silently signifies rain and fertility, mercy and fear of Allah, joy and bliss.