Seeing a cloud in dream meaning

It is said by the types: Tar color that gives people the chill when they see it, black cloud divine wrath, violence and sedition, Rain cloud abundance and abundance, Cumulus white clouds worked well, Cloud entering the house and spreading all over it, knowledge and wisdom, goods and wealth all the people of the house and continue to pass on to the next generations, a cloud of entry into the house to visit a righteous and destined to a great person, to hold down the cloud to the higher science, to a superior degree to see the shadow of the cloud, to spend that year with abundance and abundance, Wearing clothes from the cloud to science, wisdom, prosperity and other world blessings, Ride on the cloud to marry a righteous woman, married to go to the pilgrimage or the desired wishes, the supreme order of the cloud above the head, the right and the right words that affect people Seeing goodness from a prominent person who promises to go through the cloud, take a piece of cloud goods and the increase of property, Ride on the cloud to different sciences and happiness, the cloud towards a person of any good tidings, to make a house on the cloud with wisdom and wisdom, Cloud to see the rain and self-knowledge of the people from the wisdom and wisdom of the cloud fall, flood disaster and enemy invasion, cloud covering the sun to the death of the president, dismissal, to overthrow or a defeat that will bring him down from the administration, Cloud to collect them, or to talk to them to have knowledge and wisdom, Bulu

Dark rain clouds point to problems, dark cloud hardships, and if there is rain from the clouds, abundance and abundance. If a cloud passes over the head, someone highly respected will support you, a colorful cloud leads to a happy life Light-colored clouds are interpreted to overcome problems. mark is.

Dark rain clouds point to problems, dark cloud hardships, and if there is rain from the clouds, abundance and abundance. If a cloud passes over the head, someone highly respected will support you, a colorful cloud leads to a happy life Light-colored clouds are interpreted to overcome problems. mark is.

Dark clouds are a sign of problems and disease. If you see the sun's rays among the light-colored clouds, it is the success that follows the problems.

In a dream, cloud is a sign that things will come to a deadlock for a certain period of time, and that obstacles will be encountered.

According to a piece of cloud above the head in the dream's office is high, and the word becomes listened. Seeing a cloud passing over him, he becomes a close friend of a man to be trusted and takes advantage of it. According to Ibn Sirin: clouds in the air going to see the next, chat with scientists. A state that has this dream is a sign that it will send ambassadors to foreign countries and want to communicate with them. He sees a piece of cloud entering his house and hosts a scholar. A scholar who sees you hold a cloud in the air and bring it down. It reaches a great degree. Seeing himself in the clouds, he lives in a very good and blessed way. Seeing the hand-bise from the cloud and dressed, to have knowledge, is a sign of blessing and abundance. Seeing that the clouds are covering the sky and raining is a sign that the people of that place will suffer. According to Kirmanî: to see the clouds gathered or loaded or talked to them, science, abundance and happiness signifies the fight against. He is in front of the clouds and sees that he is unable to gather them, he becomes friends with the scholars, but he cannot benefit from them. Seeing the black and scary cloud, it is the sign of the wrath of Allah (CC) to the people of the place. Seeing a cloud spread in his house signifies the existence of knowledge and wealth among the people of the house.
According to Ismail El-Es'as: seeing a terrible black cloud is sid-det and imperative. Rain cloud, fertility, no and cheapness. Seeing that he took some of the cloud is a sign that his property will increase. Seeing you climb on the cloud signifies a variety of information and happiness. Seeing that the cloud meets him, safety, justice, good news. Seeing the clouds fall to the ground is a sign of heavy rains and floods and grasshopper raids, or that the enemy will take the place. Seeing the cloud covering the sun signifies the death or defeat or withdrawal of the head of state.
According to Jafar Sadik: seeing a cloud in a dream is described in nine ways: wisdom, presidency, greatness of the state, mercy, na-musullity, torment, absence, trouble and sedition. According to some; cloud is a sign of mercy. Seeing a cloud in the sky in the dream and seeing that cloud move with him wherever he goes, signifies that he will be put into a great heritage from a place he does not know and expect. Seeing that the cloud has changed color suggests that there will be unexpected changes in your life. Seeing that the cloud covers the sky and it rains from the sky instead of rain is proof of the future of a disaster. It is interpreted to see that instead of rain, milk is poured, that a fertile year will come, to see honey, and happy days will be lived. Seeing himself riding on a cloud and wandering through the sky is a sign of strong religious belief.
According to another rumor: In the dream, the cloud refers to Islama, the life and salvation of the people. Sometimes the cloud refers to knowledge and wisdom, due to the grace and wisdom that is present in it. Sometimes the cloud points to the soldiers, friends, and sometimes to the camel for carrying what ends in water, such as food and clothing. Sometimes it refers to ships, sometimes to pregnant women or rain. If the cloud is black with the sound or lightning is found with the state's tax, the president points to the torture and orders. If a person sees a cloud in his house in his dream, or if a cloud descends upon him in his room, if he is unbelieving, he becomes a Muslim. The believer is a blessing. Or if she wants a child, she's pregnant. Or if there's a cargo ship on land, they'il come. Whoever sees him on the clouds marries a righteous woman. Or if there is desire and desire, travel and travel or pilgrimage. If he does not desire these desires, he finds knowledge with knowledge and wisdom. When the people are in need of water, successive rain clouds come, and if there is no sign or sign of the doom, a governor expects the people to come to that place. Or he sends or comes in. If the clouds fall to the ground, houses, threshing or trees and vegetation, floods and rainstorms indicate the emergence of grasshoppers or sparrow birds. Nevertheless, if there are certain things in the clouds mentioned, such as solid and severe wind, fire, stone, snake and scorpion, sadness and sorrow, that will occur against the people of the earth, will bring them out of their places, or the death news of a team of people who die on their journeys. would. Or it refers to the power offers to be attributed to them, or to grasshoppers that bring harm and loss to their vegetables, cereals and maisis, or to the plague, or to the bid'at sects to spread and proclaim among them. Some tabirciler said, the cloud is a powerful governor, a compassionate and merciful statesman or a scholar. If a person sees the clouds falling in the dream, makes friends with a person of the nationality. Whoever sees the cloud, a man with halal goods and wisdom will benefit from something. The one who sees the clouds gather, wisdom from a man as described. Whoever sees that he is the owner of the cloud, wise and property. If a person falls into the cloud in the dream and does not take anything from him, he sits with the scholars. He chats with them, doesn't take anything from their knowledge. Nobody who sees you get into the cloud, his job and his luck are great. in film and wisdom kadri becomes high. If he saw that his child was from the cloud, his world was from wisdom. If he saw that his world was a cloud, his work and his astonishment would be wise. If the cloud is black, it is wisdom, greatness and joy with greatness. If there is boredom and fear with the cloud, fear and boredom melt by a strong man. If he saw that he had built a house on the cloud, no one would be halal to earthly with wisdom and height. If a cloud is built upon him, he avoids his sins because of his wisdom. No, and heaven in heaven. If he saw a cloud with a rain in his hand, he would again be wise. Make wise words. If he saw that it was a cloud and rained on the people, he would be the owner, and the people would benefit from his property. If he saw the cloud rising and pouring gold on him, no one would learn from a wise man any manners of world affairs. To see the cloud without rain, for the governor worthy of the governor, is a merciful and unjust governor. For a merchant, he will sell anything or embezzle to Hakk. The scholar is jealous of his knowledge. The craftsman, on the other hand, makes his profession continuous and good. In the dream, if a cloud rises from the sky and expands to rain on every branch, the head of state will govern a fair person. If the cloud becomes black or rainy, the governor is just. Some tabirciler, if the cloud sees the time, no one, no, blessing, blessing and mala nail nail, they said. If he sees the cloud in time and when it rains, His Holiness (CC) will expand the provision in that city. If the people are in a state of unity, Allahu Teala (CC) expands their risk and removes it. If he sees a black cloud without rain, he'il be the one to benefit. Sometimes the cloud points to severe cold or sadness. If he sees an unseasoned red cloud, a hardship, sedition or illness will hit that city or neighborhood. If he sees the sky rising from the ground to the sky and overshadowing the city, he points to no and blessings. If the dreamer wants to travel, his wish will be fulfilled, and he will return safely. If it is no object, it reaches what it desires from joy. If he sees the cloud as dark, sadness and sorrow will fall, and all his affairs will be in order. The white cloud seen in the dream indicates good work. The cloud, which he sees rising from the earth to the sky, points to the journey. He points to the traveler about his return from his journey and the emergence of secret things. Red cloud, loneliness, dark cloud sadness and sorrow, black cloud severe cold or sadness, sometimes red cloud, that city will enter the soldier and deceitful signs. If a person sees that he has taken something from the cloud in a dream, he will attain a great deal of knowledge and wisdom. Or more land and agriculture. If he sees that he is riding on the cloud or walking on the cloud, no one will realize all the wisdom. Whoever sees that the cloud meets him, good work, justice, rejoicing all sorrow and grief to get rid of the signs of comfort. If the dream owner is a mischief, he points out the punishment that will reach anyone. When a person sees the cloud covering the sun in a dream, he points out that the danger and disease that will hit the head of state or his dismissal will be dismissed. The cloud indicates sadness, boredom or loss of groves and the emergence of goodness.

Dark rain clouds, problems, If it rains, it means abundance and blessings. Light clouds will help you overcome problems and achieve success.

In the dream you see that there is a cloud above your head; the dark cloud; boredom.