Seeing a church and temple in dream meaning

In the dream, monasteries, synagogues and similar shrines are interpreted by a deceitful person who deceives people with what they do. It is good to see that the church does a job contrary to Christian customs. To see you sitting in one of these temples is good if the dreamer is a good and pious person; if not, cool. According to Abdulgani Nablusi; Seeing a church or similar ma'bet in the dream signifies praying with tears for Christians. For us, mishap, lies, slander, place of persecution and drink is referred to as assembly. In his dream, he goes into a church and if he is single, he will marry. If she's married, she'il have a child. If he prostrates or kisses the pictures that have been given up on the walls there, or if he worships like a Christian, or sees a belt on his waist, he will fall from guiding; If he enters the church and commemorates Allah Teala by denying the Christian customs, if he calms down from the orders that are forbidden at his own power, the gates of heaven are kept open to him. According to Ibn-I Fraction; church and so on, is called the meeting place of demons. The novelty, size and structure of the church indicate weakness in religion and the deception of Muslims. Seeing that the church and the like were destroyed or destroyed by a lightning is a sign of the glorification of the believers and the fact that the Christians were without help. Seeing whether the church and the like have been destroyed or done is interpreted in the same way. Since the church sometimes signifies to those who serve there and those who deal with its foundation works, the surviving of the church is the destruction of their livelihood, and the destruction of them is a sign of the death of one of them. To see them worship in a synagogue, to talk to and agree with the Jews, to see their way of working; Seeing that his house is a church signifies that the house of the house was built as a gathering place for entertainment, or the wrath of his superior. According to Ibn-i Fedale; church and similar places adultery place, and prostitution, tavern, instead of blasphemy, instruments and songs to be sung places, hell, dungeons are interpreted. In the church, he cites Allah (cc) and returns to the Kaaba to see that he is praying and worshiping, that he will go to the cemetery to visit a dead or be present at the funeral prayer. Seeing a funeral in the church is a sign that the funeral will be on fire with the rebels. Seeing that he entered the church and worshiped like Christians, he swore, such as blasphemy, adultery and drinking wine. According to another rumor: He saw his own house turned into a church. walks on a leader in the disana. A person who sees himself in the Jewish temple (synagogue) searches for something that is bid'at. The Jewish temple in the dream. wisdom and the ruling is a sign to the science and doctors. When a person sees himself as the judge of the Jewish temple (the synagogue) or the people of that temple, he points out that he should fall with the Jews, or be morally morally motivated, or turn to his religion, or break his covenant. As a matter of fact, the fact that a person does these things in the Christian church is a sign that he should fall with Christians, or tend to his sect or help them. The synagogue is sometimes a sign of the shopping that is done by fearing and obeying Allah. Anyone who dreams of entering the church, marries or has a child if he is single. Or he becomes a pervert after guidance. Sometimes seeing churches is a sign of devil's nests like garbage and baths. The newness and height of the church is a sign of weakness in religion and the fact that Muslims are perishers. If one sees that the church is destroyed or burned in a dream and a disaster is erected, it is a sign of the glorification of the Word-i Tawhid to the perisanhood of the circus and discord. If one sees that their home is a church in a dream, that person's word is similar to the Christian word. And his house shall be a meeting place for those who obey their souls, bid'at and sinners. Sometimes the boss gets angry at the owner of this dream. The church is the cemetery. public house, tavern, bid'at and cursing houses. it is a sign of hell and prison, the home of those who rebelled against the instrument and play houses, mourns and God. A dead person should not be seen in the church in a dream. it is a sign that the dead is imprisoned in Hell with sinners. In the dream of entering the church and performing the ritual of Christians there, no one, if the male bid'at or adultery or drink or a great sin to fall with the people who fall, if the woman who sees the dream, it is a sign to meet the Christians.