Seeing a change in body in dream meaning

To see the dream change in his body; itself, young and vigorous or middle-aged and strong, although the dream to see very old, to improve in religion, the increase of cadre, honor will be increased, to see himself in the old dream is interpreted contrary to this dream.

According to Ibn-i Shirin, if an old or middle-aged woman sees in her dream that she is young, the world will look at her, and if she is ill, she will heal. If a woman sees that she is beautiful and young in a dream, she will soon die. The person who sees that his height is long and his body is big will have a long life and great honor. If the officer or worker who sells his house or property sees that his height is shortened or contracted, he is fired.

According to a rumor, the dreamer changes bankrupt in his body. In the world of religion and deficiency in the body suffers deficiency. To see it become a mine or a used item, to benefit, to see a frog, to engage in worship, to see a monkey and the like. It marks the wrath of His Holiness Allah.

According to Cafer-i Sadik (RA): To see that it turns into one of the ugly animals (such as monkeys) is defined in nine ways: Insult, contempt, punishment revenge, ridicule, retaliation, haram, bad work, infamy. There is no seeing ugly animals.

According to Daniel (AS); to see that it turns into something that has beauty and goodness in itself, is proof of the trouble first and then the victory.

According to Abdulgani Nablusi: It is unfortunate that the youth is old, the beauty is ugly, and the man turns into a woman. Descending, insulting, immoral, misery and implies poverty. On the contrary, it is no good for the elderly to be young, the ugly to be beautiful and the woman to be a man. It is a sign of increasing power, happiness and joy, healing in religion, faith and finally everything. Seeing himself as a woman or having female sex organs is humiliation, insult and narrowness. If there is a cause, there will be peace with the enemy. If a woman sees that she is a man, has a phallus and has a beard, if she has a son, she will be the largest of her place. If she is pregnant, she gives birth to a boy, if not she does not give birth to any children. Sometimes this dream is compared to her husband, father, brother. If a woman sees that she is a man and intercourse with women or gets married, she will have charity and honor, money and sustenance. In a dream, when a woman is a man and sees that she is married to a woman at the end of a relationship, it will come as no surprise. It is no good to see that he has an animal tail, horn, nail or hose. Seeing that it is winged and feathery like a bird signifies an increase in value and goodness. Seeing birds fly is interpreted in three ways: Journey, immediate work, worship. It is a disaster to see that there is an animal that eats meat. The dream owner is dismissed from his job. According to a rumor, the public is poorly recognized. Camel, sheep, cattle and similar meat to be eaten into an animal is no good to see.