Seeing a chain in dream meaning

See the chain in the dream; woman with a long life, halal trowel, to be intimidated, stagnation and arduousness of things, to see the chain in the hands or sins committed, to see a chain around the neck to marry a grumpy woman, to connect with the chain of sorrow and sorrow, to see the chain of old rulers for the help and victory for the people of the country to win it signifies to the ruled executives.

To see the chain in the dream, to find strength; if he is single; to return to his homeland; seeing the chain around his neck, hearing a very bad word; all the chains and bonds to see rid of goodness and comfort sign.

Dream chain to be interpreted to be strong. It's a sign that you're getting married for a single person. The dreamer will return to his homeland from abroad. Seeing a chain around your neck means you'il be slandered. The dream is to see that his hands and feet are tied with chains and he has a great desire.

Seeing the chain means you're going to be wrong soon. If you've seen yourself getting rid of the chains, you're going to get rid of an unnecessary mission.

Getting rid of the chains in the dream is interpreted as a great success. Chains in the dream also point to close family and friendly ties.

In the dream the chain is interpreted by the judge or his assistants. Assistants who dominate any chain; trowel signifies if you see the chain in a container. Rasulullah (SAW), our Lord, "I dream about being chained, I prefer to be hit the yoke," he commanded. He who curses himself in chains, curses the blessing of Allah (CC).

According to a rumor, the dream is the end of the owner. To see someone tied up with a chain will cause someone to swear and deviate from the road.

According to Abu Sait al-Vaiz, there is no way to see the shackles hit. He fell into great trouble when he dreamed that he was hit and shackled. In a dream she marries a bad-morality woman who has a chain in her throat. If this metal is silver, it is tormented by women. Underneath, he will suffer from damage. Copper is damaged by property and goods. If it is tin or iron, it will suffer from trade and livelihood. If it's from a tree, it's less damaging than we're saying. Seeing that there is a chain around his neck does not hide the trust given to him. Seeing that his hands are tied to his throat with a chain is a sign of harshness. He who sees that his hands are chained, defects about Allah. It is a sign of separation to see him chained to his neck. Hand, standing, neck and all the body is connected to chains to see absolutely no good.

According to another rumor: The chain seen in the dream is a sign of a long-lived woman and a halal trowel. The chain seen in one's hands or near is sin. If anyone sees a chain around his neck, he will marry an immoral and cranky woman. The chain signifies the stagnation and toughening of the works. Anyone who sees that he is chained, falls into sorrow and grief.

Anyone who dreams that his hands and feet are chained wants to have something important. But he drowns in deep sorrow because he has no means. He'il get a good chance to get the chain off.

Allame Majlis: Chain and shackles in dream; cursing sign. "We have put chains on their necks. Those chains are up to the jaws. So their heads are up."
İbn-i Şîrîn: Chain, sin and rebellion…
See the chain hit your neck; rather than die as a disbeliever…
To see that you have plucked the chain (above you); it is a sign that you will repent for your sins.
Kirmanî: Seeing that your hand is chained; stingy