Seeing a cemetery in dream meaning

See; Grave / Cemetery.

Seeing the Kabristan, the preacher and listening to the Qur'an and crying, is a sign to dive into the realm of spirituality.

To see a cemetery in a dream is fear and safety. To see him in a dream in a nightmare, the state that the magician is a good and fair person; According to a rumor, prostitution is interpreted in the house of a woman. In his dream, the patient who has entered a nightmare and made a house there dies. According to another rumor: In the dream to see the cemetery, vaza, to read the Koran. to cry, to remember death. it is a sign to be afraid and cut off the world. Sometimes seeing a cemetery is a sign to scholars and devotees and to the bravest of Muslim soldiers. Sometimes the Islamic cemetery is a sign of the bravery of Muslim soldiers. Sometimes the Islamic cemetery refers to the tents of Muslim soldiers and the preparation of Muslims to meet the army. Sometimes the cemetery is the sign of the adultery woman's house. Passing something precious from the nightmare of the ignorant in the hands of a dream is to obtain halal risk through gain or loot. Having a cemetery in a dream is safety for those who are afraid, and fear for those who are fearless. Seeing the cemetery is a sign of fear and hope, returning to guidance after perversion. To see the grave of the musrians, sadness and grief, fear, suspicion in religion, bidat places, secluded and unemployed prison is a sign. Because the cemetery is the jail for the bodies and corpses. Cabristain, lodge etc. such as worship, world and masawah to be farig, cry, and is a sign to the position. Sometimes the cemetery is a sign of death. Because the cemetery is the house of the dead. Sometimes the cemetery is a sign for the infidels and the houses of the indigenous bidatin and the neighborhood of the zimmis. Sometimes, with mischief and destructive deeds, and those who have weakened them for adultery and adultery houses in the taverns where dead, drunks, and prayer and Allah does not chant Allah, there is no sign for the unaware of Allah. Sometimes his cemetery is a sign of imprisonment. If he is ill, he will enter the cemetery by dying of this disease. If he is not sick, he should look at the state of the dreamer: If he sees that when he enters there he cries with fear or reads the Qur'an or turns to prayer by turning to the kible, he will worship and adhere to the worship and obedience of the dhikr ring. They benefit from what they see and hear. If he gets naked and laughs when he gets in there, he pisses on his graves. or if he walks with the dead, he enters into a group of sirs and lovers and prefers to adopt their state. Whoever sees the call to prayer with the call to prayer and advice to anyone who does not understand the advice. He orders a man who doesn't listen. He tries to perform righteousness and righteousness among an ignorant and unaware people who are all infidels. Known cemeteries are an ist which is deserved and fixed. Therefore, if anyone sees that he enters such a place to believe in self, if he sees that he speaks with goodness and wisdom from his nightmare and returns to Hakk by repentance, he enters into a good service and acts in a benevolent service. When he enters the nightmare, the one who does not forbid his soul from the evils and learns the lesson, is in a matter of ignorance. The one who broke into the nightmare and saw the dead chewing their bones. An experience and an examination are made.