Seeing a cataract (eye discomfort) in dream meaning

The eyes are interpreted by religion. Seeing himself blind in the dream or seeing his eye out is interpreted as a great sin. According to a rumor, happiness in the world is wide and plenty of risk. According to another rumor, he will lose his sons. Some commentators have interpreted the ingenuity of the person who dreamed this dream as little and unaware of anyone's worth. The dream of the two eyes are white, long-term grief remains. According to Abu Said al-Vaiz; The eye is interpreted by the belief in religion and the separation of evil from good. In his dream, to see his eyes changed, is the sign that the power of vision will be lost. It is interpreted to forget to read the Qur'an instead of sadness and seeing his eyes closed and going into another religion. Seeing while he was blind is a sign that he will enter the righteous religion. According to Ibn Kathir; to see a blind man in a dream is proof that he will emerge. To see if there is a disease in your eyes is interpreted. Right eye means male and left eye means girls. The dream should be called accordingly. A blind man walking around the hand of someone who is on the bad road means saluting someone means. It is inevitable to see a man with one eye in a dream. Because the demon is one-eyed. So is the Antichrist. If he sees that he is sick in his eyes, some of the finances go from his hands. According to a rumor is also sick. Seeing that there is pain in his eyes, the religion falls to the fez. Near death. Lack of pain and multiplicity indicate that this interpretation is severe or nonviolent. The pain in his eyes to see that the pain is healed if he is ill, religious weakness strengthens, will signify. Anyone who sees their eyes reach to their ears is blind. Anyone who sees redness in his eyes will be faced with the anger of others. Seeing his eye explode, he is punished for a crime he committed. When two eyes explode, he leaves his beloved ones, or he encounters a situation he doesn't want in one of the things he loves, son, house. The explosion of the eye in a dream is sometimes interpreted with a long life. Removing an eye also implies an eye disease. To see that one-eyed in the dream, the output of the semi-property or entered into a great temptation or half-life is missing evidence. The owner of this dream dies if you have a son. His eyes see that he is married to a great woman, sign that he will marry an idiot and ignorant woman. He encounters one of five events that have seen his eyes cured: Religious strengthens, financial increases, passengers come, children become, eyes are strengthened. For anyone who sees that he is attracted to his eyes for ornament, he does a good job to bring him fame, if he is single, he marries, and if he is poor, he gets halal. According to another rumor, he marries two women who are attracted to their eyes. Adultery that attracts plucking into your eyes with something unsuitable. According to Ibn Kathir and Nafi; the eyes of the son, the son and wife of his beloved. Seeing pain in your eyes means deficiency in religion. The degree of deficiency is measured by seeing that the eye is blind. If he is very religious, he is a caution not to disrupt prayer and niya-zini. Anyone who sees that he has an eye in a dream, rather than two, becomes rich. According to Ibn-i Fezale; human eye is a measure of state. The eye dream is measured with the opponent. Seeing someone else taking their eyes is interpreted as being afflicted with a disease. Seeing him treat his eyes is enough to hold his tongue. According to a rumor, he corrects his condition, comes to the world of a son he will love very much, if he has a loved one, he returns or receives good news from him. Anyone who sees that the sight of his eyes is better than anyone is deemed to have liked religion. Seeing that it is incomplete is the opposite. To see that there is a stain in the eye, among the people left a good reputation and is not a sign of love. Seeing that his eyes are white, he is saddened or leaves his loved ones. The one who sees that he is white in his eyes and that he is getting better and better, has a loved one, which he has lost for a long time, and a relative. If the grieving and troubled get rid of them, refreshes. Anyone who sees a yellow spot in his eyes committed a crime he did not know, he should repent. Seeing that there is an eye in your heart is a sign that no one is on its way. See that you eat your eyes, malini is interpreted with food. Seeing no eyelashes in his eyes is interpreted as being contrary to seriat and lacking the grace of Allah. Seeing the whitening of the edges of the eyelids is a sign that a few of them will get sick. Seeing that there are one or a few eyes anywhere on his body is called goods. According to some reviewers; the beautiful eye implies magic, magic, death or life. Sometimes the eyes mark all the close relatives. Seeing your eyes beautiful, access to guidance, is known to have knowledge. If his son, wife or someone he loves, he will recover. The Christian who sees the dream accepts Islam and becomes rich if he is poor. If the trader wins too. The rank of officer increases. To see that he has a bigger eye than that, or that there is such an eye in someone else, is evidence that he has been guided by His Holiness Allahu Teala (CC). Seeing that a person jumps out of his eyes and falls on a person is a sign that he will know him well. Any deficiency in the eye, to see that it is missing, is a proof that you will complain about a damage in business.
According to another rumor: If a person sees that there is a white screen in the observation of a dream, it will hit a great sadness to anyone.