Seeing a candle in dream meaning

The candle that illuminates the surroundings, to the people who are useful to people with their knowledge and wisdom, spiritual saving, illuminate their hearts; Candles to the president, the generous and famous child, the guardian, the righteous person and the master, the wealthy for the poor, the marriage for the single, the guilt for sinners and ignorant; The fact that a married person sees candles makes him a guardian; To see that the candle melts to fill the pit of the candlestick to be obtained after distress and inconvenience halal trowel, to see the candle joy and refreshment, guidance and wisdom, the loss of goods, blessings go, disease or cry, signifies death for the patient. (See also; Candlestick.)

To marry a beautiful girl while single male holding a candle in his hand or burning it; a single woman with a good man for a wedding and a beautiful filial; to return home; the poor to be rich; the merchant increases earnings and profits; the officer pointed out that his office was promoted.

Marriage with a beautiful girl to single candle to hold or burn candles; For a single woman, a good man is interpreted to marry and to a child. If the dream is in abroad, it is a sign to return home. To make money for the poor one; for the trader to earn more money and increase profits; If the officer is interpreted to rise in business. It means that you can trust the people around you and you will be successful in everything you do. Blowing out the candle means the death of a relative.

If you've seen a beautiful candle light, it means that you can trust the friendship of the people around you and you will succeed in everything you do.

Indicates that the person will receive news to hope.

According to Ibn Sirin; candle, honor and position sign. Seeing the candle burning in his house, the state and blessing melts. Seeing that a candle burns in his house and illuminates every side of the room signifies that the year of great blessing and trade will increase. According to a rumor, the owner of the dream has a family and offspring. Seeing that someone took a burning candle from his hand, if he is a big one because of the person enters and becomes the owner. According to Kirmani; In the hands of the burning candle extinguishes the wife of the wife who died. If he's not married, he'il get worse. Seeing that there is a burning candle in his hand and someone put it out, is envied by someone because of the blessing he is in, the light of the burning candle in his hand is diminished to see the lack of blessing. He sees that he has a candle that has not burned, and a little blessing, and he reaches the state. According to Danyal Aleyhisselam'a; see a candle burning in his hand or house; if he is married, he will have a son; If he is single, to marry or to take a servant, if there is no one in the country will signify that he will return salutally. Seeing a lot of candles burning in a place is a sign that the justice of the president of the state, that the judges are merciful people, that the people are in abundance. Seeing a lot of candles burning in a masjid or madrasah is proof that the people of that place are engaged in knowledge, worship and knowledge. According to Abu Sait al-Vaiz; Be lit candles, is called a generous son. According to another rumor: The candle in the dream is the head of the state or the great generous child. To see the pit location of the candle due to melting and accumulation of candles, halal trowel will be recalled after mesakkat and mahnett. Seeing a candle for a single person is an ese sign. Sometimes the candle is a sign to a righteous person. Candles see, guided to the ignorant; is wealth for the poor. The burning lamp, oil lamp and candle seen in the dream is a sign about the pregnant woman to give birth to a man and a child and to the husband about the patient. The patient dies in a dream if the lamp and oil lamp go out. If a person corrects and corrects the lamp, candle or candle burning in a dream and sees the light increase, he will recover if he has a patient. The small oil lamp, which is weak and low, is a sign for the pregnant woman. Some tabirciler burning lamp, oil lamps and candles, secret things to come out, they said. If a person sees the lamp, candle and oil lamp of his own house as beautiful and light in a dream, it is a sign of the smoothness of the person who sees the works of that house. If he sees that his house lamp, candle and oil lamp are light and weak, it is a sign of the weakness and inactivity of the person who sees the work of that house. If one sees that the lamp, candle and oil lamp of his house are extinguished, it is a sign of the complexity and malice of a person who looks after the works of that house, not to be medhed and to strengthen his work. Sometimes this dream is a sign of the death of his wife or child, or of anyone who supervises the work of his parents or home. Sometimes this is a sign of the death of the owner of the dream. If someone sees in the dream that he has a lamp, candle or oil lamp and is afraid to go out, it is a sign of the death of the patient. If a sick person sees himself in the dream with a candle to the sky, and then descends to the earth again, it is a sign that no one's soul comes out of the sky. If a person sees that in a dream he receives light from a candle, he becomes a scientist and a height. If a person sees that he is trying to extinguish a candle by blowing in a dream, that person will try to cancel a job of a person who has the right, but he cannot. The person who sees that he walks with a candle during the day becomes strong in religion and the path is sir'at-i detached. If he sees that he walks with a candle at night, if he is one of the demented prayer, he continues this prayer. If the deporter does not perform prayer, he will be surprised and stunned in a job that leads to guidance and nail purpose. Sometimes the dreamer has a sin and repent from it. If one sees in a dream that a candle burns between his fingers or diminished light and I give light, then a heat that is covered by that person will come out and be satisfied. If he sees that there is an extinguished lamp, candle or oil lamp, he is dismissed if he is the governor; the merchant, however, shall suffer; financial expense. If he sees the candle burned in the light, it is a sign of sorrow and grief and heart stiffness. Burning oil lamps, lamps and candles on time is a sign to a great, prominent and useful child. Some tabirciler, mosque lamps and oil lamps to the rich, scholars and the reader of the Qur'an, they said. If one sees that the lamp and lamp of the masjid are extinguished in a dream, a scholar who continues in the mosque dies.

It means that you can trust the people around you and you will be successful in everything you do. Blowing out the candle means you will lose a friend or relative.

See candles in dream; it is a sign to build a nest with a beautiful and good wife and to have children.