Seeing a caliph in dream meaning

Moral and scientific competence with a real caliph or a caliph with these characteristics to see the beauty of the situation and the end of the good or the caliphate and imamil, the caliph, literally mature people-I kamile, knowledge and knowledge of the people, the heir of the Prophet, Allahu Teala's guardian servants, the Caliph to be a conscious Muslim, the consciousness of the Ummah and the unity and solidarity of Muslims.

Seeing one of the caliphs in the dream, with a smooth-faced, soft-looking and soft voice, signifies that he will bring prosperity and prosperity in the world and the Hereafter. Seeing one of the caliphs to order a job that suits him is a sign of high honor and worth, and a very good place in the world and the hereafter. It is evident that seeing the caliph write a letter to him would prove to be a great honor and favor by a state magician. To see the caliph dress her in a new dress or embrace her or put her on a horse or give her a gift from the world is a sign of cheers, you and trust. Seeing the caliph's head-on with a harsh voice, he encounters an upset incident in world affairs. To see the caliph in grim and hard, hard to look at him, is a sign that his religion is incomplete and error. According to CabirĂ¼l-Magribi; If one sees that he was the caliph in his dream, if he deserved it, he would reach a great authority in the world. If not, he'il get a good reputation. According to a rumor, it gets bad news. Or he will face an event that will be damaged. Usually it is not good for a person to see that he is a caliph. According to another rumor: If someone sees a caliph in a dream of merit, or if he sees that he is the caliph, the beauty of the state and indicates that the end will be good. The Caliph is the person who exercises the judgment of the religious affairs and the law of the Messenger of Allah (CAV). Because of this, the deficiency and excess of the caliph belongs to the work he carries out. If the caliph in a dream is promised with something that promise is fulfilled and is a sign of what he hoped. Sometimes to see the caliph, to obey the sunnah, religion and supplements, to leave the people to obey, to the so-called righteousness, futile worship, dhikr and repentance, internal cleansing, the faith of the Muslim in order to abstain from evil is pointed out. Seeing the caliph's death in the dream, the caliph points to the deficiency of what he points. The person who sees that he is the caliph is the sign of the property, the judge is the judge, or the imam and the governor. If he is not competent and worthy, he will be imprisoned or ill, or travel to a distant place. It opposes the right of Allah (CC). The person who sees that he is the caliph or imam points to glory and honor. If he saw the Caliph returning, there is no dream in this dream.