Seeing a breed in dream meaning

It's a good sign to see you have a baby girl. Seeing that he has given birth to a boy, he suffers severe sorrow and distress. Or he hears a terrible saying, according to a rumor, he dies. To see his wife give birth to a boy, if he is pregnant, to give birth to a daughter-gu, if he is not, he will suffer grief and distress, then try to get rid of it; Seeing his wife giving birth to a daughter implies that he will bear a son. According to some: In the dream to give birth to a girl is a girl, a girl do-gurmak is a sign for a man. However, some dreams come true according to the state of the dreamer. He saw that he had a child in his mouth and he died. According to a rumor, a dreamer makes a good word about a person who speaks well. According to Abu Sait al-Vaiz: A man's dream of having a child in a dream signifies that he will be subjected to a heavy burden that is not suitable for him, and that he will survive and overcome his enemy. In one view, this dream is a sign of getting rid of a bad temper. When a woman sees that she is having children without being pregnant, it means that her husband will be rich. According to Kirmanî: When a woman sees that she has given birth to a daughter, her husband will see a benefit, and a man gives birth to her husband. According to Jafar Sadik: If a woman sees that she has given birth to a boy in her dream and that the child speaks immediately, she will salute in the world and the hereafter. According to a rumor, he dies. If a girl sees that she is born and the child speaks immediately, God Almighty (CC) bestows a child to her.

If a pregnant woman dreams that she is having a male child, she gives birth to a daughter. If she sees that she's having a baby, she'il have a baby. The girl is the sign to get rid of the sadness, so the boy is sadness. If a patient sees his mother giving birth to him in a dream, that patient dies. If a craftsman sees this dream, there will be a number of obstacles that will hinder him from craft and work. If a poor person had this dream, he would quickly find a man to feed and think about. If the man in this dream is rich, he cannot preserve my wealth because of pleasure and entertainment, and someone else is appointed upon him to look at and oversee his process. If there is a lady of this dream, it is a sign that her wife will not bear children. If the dreamer's wife is pregnant, it is a sign that the woman gives birth to a boy. An enemy who is dreaming and the owner of the case is a sign that his evidence is not valid with the judge. If a woman sees that she is giving birth in her mouth, it is a sign that she will die and her soul will come out of her mouth. In a dream, giving birth to a girl is a sign that a person who is imprisoned should be saved from sorrow. If a man sees that he has given birth to a boy in a dream, he becomes ill. It saves sadness. He wins his enemy. The one who sees that she has given birth, gets rid of all the troubles and comes out of her generation a great one for the nation and her tribe. If he saw that he had an animal and that it was a cat, the child born would be a thief. Breeding is a sign of getting rid of boredom and diseases, leaving family and neighbors. Being born is a sign of comfort, relief from grief, repayment of debt. A woman who dreams of giving birth to a boy in a dream is at last a sign of relief, joy, gospel, and relief from weight. If she sees that she has given birth, then she is faced with a wide risk in glory, honor, cheapness, abundance, ease and joy after difficulty. The one who dreams in the dream, the rich becomes rich. If he's rich, he'il be upset. If she is single, she will marry quickly and give birth to a child. When a sick person sees that they have children, it is a sign that he will die. Poor, needy, sadness and sorrowful people to have such a dream, sadness, distress and signs of relief to get rid of. This dream is about the merchant to go about their goods, guests about their guests to relieve their burden and the death of relatives. No one in the dream is upset. If he sees you have it, he'il be free of sorrow. The one who dreams of having a daughter is in debt. Anyone who dreamed that his daughter had died and dug a tomb for him in the dream pays the debt.