Seeing a birds of prey in dream meaning

To see birds of prey in a dream is referred to in several ways:

When a person sees rookies or wild birds of that kind in a dream, he is subject to cruel administration, cruel judges and civil servants. Seeing that he killed a rookie in a dream points to ruining a deceitful and ruthless man. When a person dreams that a rookie perches on the roof of his house or on one of the trees in his garden, it indicates the interest of the state administrators.

Seeing an eagle in a dream is a sign of long life and wide lust. To see that he has an eagle, he gains great dignity and honor. If anyone dreams on an eagle, he travels away.
Anyone who has this dream during the day becomes ill. If the eagle scratches itself, no one's disease will prolong. The eagle in the dream and the one who hears his voice fight and fight a man. If a person dreams that an eagle has loaded himself and is flying with him to his home, he makes a good journey. If one sees that the eagle has fallen from the sky with him in a dream, no one's ambition and desire is complete.

Seeing you call the bird born in a dream signifies to be a good son. To see that he eats the flesh born in the dream, the sultan will sign the future trowel. See the bird again; izzete, cheers, reign, to prevail over the enemy, to meet the desires and desires, sons, ladies, hometowns, beautiful goods, health, well-being and grief refreshment, the eyes of the robustness and to show many times.
Birds, sometimes born, are signs of death due to hunting. Occasionally, it is a sign of imprisonment, lack of food and drink, and distress. To see that he has a born bird in the dream signifies to be the chief of the people and to be praised among the people.
Seeing the birds going in one direction collectively indicates that thieves and road breakers have entered the place by the number of people born.

To see a hawk bird in a dream signifies a high civil service. Because hawks fly high.
Cafer-i Sâdık (ra) said: In the dream to see the hawk bird, three veches are considered: a) spacious, b) gospel, c) mal.
To see that the hawk holds the dream in the dream, ulüv-i kadre, high position, authority and izletet signifies.
It was said: The hawk seen in the dream is a cruel sultan who has no faith. In the dream, the hawk bird is lower than the bird born in rank. Seeing himself as a hawk in a dream, proves to be the governor of a city. Seeing the falcon in the dream to eat meat, power and force, goods and benefits will signify.
Seeing the falcon bird flying from his hand is a sign that he will lose his position.

Dreaming to see the bird of prey; it interferes with the ignorance of the persecution to a ruler. Seeing that there is a bird of prey, he catches a thief while he is in prison. Whoever puts a hawk on his hand deals with the poor people. When a pike comes out of the piss hole, no one has a scarce but brave son. No one who finds hawk cub in its natural environment becomes a son. A hawk in a dream signifies superiority over the enemy. Atmaca also signifies that the undertakings made will achieve their goals.

According to another rumor: The hawk bird refers to a cruel, ignorant, statesman.
In the dream he sees a hawk, a sinner and a ruthless person, and a male child of a hawk is born. Seeing that a hawk has been removed from the piss hole signifies that he has a foolish and chaotic child. The person who sees that there is a hawk on his hand signifies that he would prefer people's helplessness.

In your dream, seeing birds attacked by birds of prey indicates that your enemies are lurking to defeat you and that they are trying to defeat you at every opportunity.