Seeing a besmele in dream meaning

Seeing that he wrote Besmalah with the letters of the Qur'an as beautiful and complete, signifies sustenance, art, science and all kinds of auspicious works. Deletion from the place where Besmere is written, the written paper fly away or destruction by approaching the deadline, to write Besmere with permissible and unsuitable thing to the weakness of faith, to write it with the letters of other countries, but not with the letters of that country, the lack of form and expression seen in Besmel friendship the lack of religion and the world, to see the place of the words as a changed in the faith and the changes in the faith, the calligraphy with a beautiful calligraphy to see the besmele in a house of happiness, beautiful aqidah and auspicious spouse, to read the Bazaar to increase the goods and rather than the abundance, the desired aus, euzuz 'euzu' euzu 'To be sure of fear, to say, with five times to pray to besmele, To start with a work besmele, if the work is legitimate and good, fertility and saddle, haram and illegitimate work to start with the right to confuse western sin and signify sin.

Besmele in his dream of anyone who gets rid of all the troubles, is the beginning of a bright and bright days. The baseman is protected.

Seeing the dream in a beautiful writing written in the feed, science, guidance and fertility signifies the blessings. Sometimes, seeing the sign written in the basmele, grandson or something you can not get into the hands of the time to recapture and endeavors to marry and will succeed in the end indicates. Besmele, perverse after the thought also refers to guidance. To write with a beautiful writing in the dream, besmele, rizka, science and to be a shareholder in the profession, to see that the dead no one wrote that God's mercy indicates. Sometimes it is gain and fertility in agriculture. After I have written the besmelte or destroyed one of the birds to see the place where the feed is taken and missed the risk of depletion, is called the end of life. According to his own denomination, one who is not obliged to read the besmele in prayer reads the besmelde prayer in the dream, without the need to go under a debt, sometimes to see this dream, turn away from his mother, his father, or his father to turn away and return to the mother, or circumcision, ati Besmele is written with what is written in the dream. If it is written in gold, rizka, taat and worship convention and indicates the smoothness of beliefs. Sometimes it refers to good remembrance and good worship. When he sees that he writes the body in an unreadable way, it points to the disorder of the Iwad. Seeing that he has written in the paper, a beautiful and sweet business will operate, will write on the leather will request a legacy, red, yellow and white fabric to write on the refreshment, joy, nail to be written on a green cloth will be a martyr in the dream of God would. Writing these numbers on things or anything else with light or gold indicates the gospel and gospel. Seeing the shape and points of the besmele in a dream, if the woman points to the besmele, the shape and point of the woman's goods, goods, birth and honor points. If he points to the besmele trowel in that way, and points point to the useful zakat of the goods. If the besmele prayer point and shape are the sunnah of the prayer. If it is a besmele city, point and shape point to the people of the city, the people of the ulama and craftsmen, the people of art, the owners of trade and capital. Besmele superior, captive and beyond are also taken into account. Besme upper hereke, rank herek herek istikartilmasının, euther herek, the glorification, death, or indicates that the job is done. The portrait of the guardian, the gun, the sign of punishment, to be persistent in their work, the portrait of the saddle, signs of work and harshness indicates. Other signs that are seen in other besmelt these omens are relative to the science and the world of the dreamer. The dream of anyone who sees that one of the signs of Irab is deficient is again referred to by religion and the world. Seeing that the words of Besmele are displaced refers to using something that is legitimate elsewhere. Nobody who sees that someone else has destroyed the besmelde breaks his covenant, or he has the science and property miserable. If the patient or the rebellious person who sees this dream turns to Allah by repenting, his illness is also good. Sometimes the dreamer gets married and earns the rightful freedom or the goods he has saved for trade. If one sees that he reads the besmal completely in his dream, Allahu Teala increases the fertility of that person's property.