Seeing a beat in dream meaning

See U Crushing U for crushing, Day Beating ve and Kav Fighting için for beating.

Seeing that he was beaten with a whip by not tying his hands and feet in the dream is a sign that he will obtain forbidden goods, whether or not blood comes out. According to Cabir'ül-Magrîbî: In his dream, someone possesses good goods, who see that he is beating him, but who does not know who he is and why he is beating him. She wears a new dress. Whoever sees you being scared of being beaten is sure to be. According to Ismail El-Es'as: He sees that a dead person is beating him, benefits from a journey he takes, or recovers something he has lost. Seeing that he beats a dead person signifies the religious power of the dreamer to fulfill if he has debts. According to Abu Sait al-Vaiz: Beating in a dream signifies good for beating. But hitting with a tree is not good. In a dream, when a man strikes on his own with a stick, he is not satisfied with the head of state. According to some reviewers; In the dream, beat is said to be curse. He who sees that he beats a man curses him. When he sees that he is beating up a bound person, he says bad words to him, but he regrets what he says later. According to Kirmanî; If a person is struck with a whip and beaten, his hands are tied, a person will harm him verbally and hear a disgust from him. Flogless, good to see that he was beaten by hand and left a tattoo mark on it. If there is no beating, he will only hear a word. If he doesn't know why he was beaten, his hands are not tied, no; if it is connected, it is interpreted as dishonesty. According to another rumor: Beating in a dream, beaten through the means of beating indicates a news to be heard. But if he beats with a piece of wood, he promises a lie to the beaten and does not fulfill it. Beating in a dream means to condemn the beaten and to give him advice. In the dream, no one sees that someone has been hit and wounded with a drum drum and wishes the leadership of the beaten one to go. If he hits the eyelid, the beater wants to humiliate anyone beaten because of his religion. If he strikes his head, the beater will denounce the beating. If your ear would bite into her soft place and blood would come out of her, the beater will remove the virginity of the beaten one's daughter. Anyone who dreams of beating a man prays against that man. If a person beats a man who is clearly in a dream, he points to a bad word that the beater will tell the beaten one and the beaten cannot refuse. If one sees in a dream that he beats one of those under his command, this dream points to the good and the benefit that will be attained from the beaten beater. However, if the beaten lady is the dreamer, she points out that she is doing a bad job. Seeing that he is beating a person who is not under his command indicates the damage and loss that will come down and beaten. In the dream, he is beaten and beaten by the angel, dead and under the command unless there is no sign. Beating with a strap refers to the fairness as the strap is made of leather. Kamisla tattoo is the same term. It is more beneficial for him to see that he beat others in a dream than that someone else beat him. Some tabirciler, in the dream of beating and beating with a whip beating, beaten signifies the training, said. If blood does not bleed during the beating, it can be interpreted that the beaten is sure of the beater. Beating in a dream is going out next time. Anyone who sees you beat up the place, take a journey. He points out that no one sees that a well has been dug in the dream to be adulterated, even though he is married, or adulterous. He pointed out that anyone who saw him being shot with forty canes, slandering a decent woman if eighty staffs were shot. If a person beats a dead in a dream and sees the dead in an angry state, he points out that no one has sinned or desire to commit. The dream of a living person to beat the dead, prayer, pilgrimage and religious issues such as zakat is a strong religious status. Some commentators, in the dream of a dead person who beats him, points out that the journey to make good. If something of that person is lost, that thing is in your hands again. Some tabirciler, who dreamed of beating him in a dead person, pays the debt, they said. Hitting the ground in a dream is to go on a journey. If he beats a person in a dream without scratching or hurting, if he is in winter, he points to the dress for the beaten, if not in the winter, the beater speaks against the beaten.