Seeing a bazaar and market in dream meaning

People's means of subsistence, the division of labor that people are obliged to abide by, the large and crowded bazaar abundance, the narrow and old bazaar to the cost of life, the Bazaar sometimes signifies grace, dive into the world, war and struggle. For what is sold or purchased in the market, see the relevant clause of the term.

In the dream, it is a sign of increasing cure. In his dream to see a wandering around, that he designed a new business, to buy something from the bazaar, the sake of abundance; Seeing that you are looking at things sold in front of a shop in Çarsar, that the hope it gives will be truth; Since it is generally interpreted with a place of worship, shopping is also sometimes interpreted for worship. In addition to the abundance of goods received, the worship is also accepted by the Cenabi Rights (CC) is a sign that the market is interpreted with profit. Seeing in your dream that you are shopping from a market or calculating the things you will get around the market signifies that your earnings and costs, that is, your budget is not equal, although you need many things, you can not get your money because it is a kit. Some interpreters interpret the bazaar with the battlefield. Because war is a kind of trade square. The war wins the loot. And it goes into profit. According to some commentators, it is a kind of mosque. Indeed, the masjid is interpreted as a bazaar. If one sees that he sells and harms goods on an occasion he does not know, if he is studying in a school, his education is interrupted; If he works somewhere, he gets fired. If he intends to do a job or get married, that intention falls into the water. He came to his house to buy a product from the bazaar and return home to see that it is not in the possession of the goods, hopes and expects things will not signify. Come to Çarsiya to see that nothing is sold and empty all around, the lack of worship, is a sign that the religious orders are not fulfilled. It is evident that seeing everything in abundance is more abundant than it is, that the dream owner has a strong religious belief, that he fulfills his worship according to the Islamic conditions and that he is a favorable servant in the sight of Allah. The one who sees a poor in the bazaar, takes him with him, takes everything he desires to receive, and grants him to be the inhabitants of heaven. Passing the bazaar through the murada; pass by car, muradinin will be quick; standing in the middle of the bazaar to perform prayer, if married child-gina; If you're married, it's a sign. He came to the bazaar and returned without seeing anything, hoping to win the winners. Çarsi is also interpreted by the type of goods sold, say; For example, the name of the bazaar of the virgin is interpreted by considering the symbols and comments that the virgin signifies. Thus, each bazaar is referred to according to which the bazaar. According to the interpretations of famous tabirists, the words of the bazaars according to the goods sold are briefly mentioned: The bazaar of Helvacilars, the religion of Islam, the bazaar of bazaars, happiness, high officials, abundant earnings; the bazaar of jewelery Allah (cc) to the permanent remembrance, chanting, science and war; the bazaar of interpreters is interpreted as a mild disease, marriage for singles and fe- nalism. The second place is to take wide expedition and inheritance;
cotton marketers will increase the wealth of goods, wealth, from the west to the right to return, grain (cereal) bazaar agriculture, to buy plenty of products; to see the state of vegetables, livelihoods, fish market rizka and fertility, to receive good news from the sea; butchers bloodshed, debate at home; increasing the wishes and lusts of the bazaar market, from disease to recovery; haliçilar bazaar sea voyage; saddlery bazaar to have knowledge and to have children; appetizers carsi-si refreshment, joy; pharmacies to store goods and keep secrets; wheat and flour market cheapness and abundance, to be sure of fear; timber splitting; the tiler bazaar to own a house or move to a new house; blacksmith's bazaar, ascension and good behavior; petals, servants; çadircilar resort for children and short trips; hasirci-lar bazaar abdominal pain; the bazaar of tinners, to acquire new goods, to sunn and to visit; understanding and beauty; chefs and restaurateurs, recovering from disease and healing; bottle and glassware (glassware) bazaar wound, separation and expulsion; the bureaucrat's office of court and government; glass shop, resentment, light mouth discussions; dry eaters mouth mouth and friendship; The grocery store is a sign of summer trips and happy days.
According to another rumor: The bazaar and the market masjid in the dream. Sometimes the bazaar and the market is a sign of a war in which one community will win by profit and another in which it loses. If one sees that he has lost or lost something in a shop that he did not recognize in a dream, or if he saw that he had damaged it, if the dream owner was awake in jihad and war, he would be deprived of martyrdom by escaping from war. If in Hajj, it cannot fully fulfill Hajj. If the student leaves the demand. Or the science, Allah (CC) 's learning for a purpose other than the consent. If none of these conditions are found in him, no one leaves Friday prayer. If you see something stealing while shopping in the warrior if the warrior makes treachery and steal something from the loot. A person is known in the dream of a bush filled with people, or fire or pure and clear water flowing in the middle of the road, or that the bush was filled with straw, or a beautiful wind in the dream of the owner of the dream of the living and their earnings is a sign. If one sees that the bazaar balk is dormant or the shops and inns are closed or the spiders have made nests on the shops or the goods sold, it is a sign that the shopping stops. Some tabirciler said that the dream is the czarist world. Therefore, if the dream has a wide market and market, the state will be large and financial. Some tabirciler, bazaar, sorrow and grief in itself due to the gathering of anguish, grief, torment, quarreling and serri points to things such as arousing, they said. The bazaars seen in the dream are signs of benefit and risks and healing from diseases. Sometimes bazaars are lies and temptation is a sign of sorrow and trouble. If he sees that he is chanting Allah (CC) by raising his voice in the bazaar that sees the dream, he orders it with goodness and signs of evil. If there is no bazaar and people in the streets, or if the bazaar is dead, it means that the shopping stops or the persecution occurs, the disaster is destroyed and the goods are wasted or the market is expensive. If the bookstore sees his dream in the dream of repentance, repentance, is a sign of the struggle with ser. Pharmacists in the dream to see the joy of the news is a sign of joy and delightful news. Seeing the remedy of halvahis is the sign of faith and islamation. To see the fabric of the cloth, is the sign of glory, glory, taste, or the renewal of rank and risk and to keep its business secret. Seeing the jewelery bazaar is a sign of relief and trappings, pleasure and children. Seeing the bazaar of the virgins is a sign of serfs and troubles, headaches, marrying for bachelor, son and joy. The gunmen market is a sign of war and debate and victory over the enemy. The second place is the sign of the goods to be obtained from benefit, risk and heritage. Cotton bazaar is the sign of the rise of goods and the right to occur from the batil. To see the seed bush is a sign of the generations and gains and benefits that will occur through agriculture. Seeing the vegetable market, shorten the child's alimony and the shortage of livelihood sign. Sometimes this dream is a sign to make things easier. Rizka and halal to see the fish market will occur after each other benefit, interests and relatives to come together to sign or to notify the sea voyage. The butcher shop is a sign of the battlefield. Seeing the olive, butter and honey market is a sign that the desires and lusts come into action and find healing from the disease. Seeing the Saddler's bazaar is a sign for land travel. Fruits to see the bazaar is a sign of the right science and a good son. To see the remedy sold to plant root for medication, it is a sign to preserve the finances and keep sirian secret. To see the wheat market, cheapness and abundance is a sign to be sure of fear. Seeing the lumber shop is a sign of promotion and convergence. To see the blacksmith's bazaar is a sign of trouble, hostility and boredom. Sometimes this dream is a sign of risk and interest. To see the souvenir of silkmakers, is the sign of goods and righteous worked. The Çadircilar bazaar is a sign for the journey to the bazaar, sometimes sold for the dead. Hasircilar bazaar is a sign of the disease that occurs. The chest is a sign of memory and understanding. Siseciler bazaar, riya, is a sign of discord and repellent.