Seeing a banana in dream meaning

Love and conversation, generous and beautiful morality; tomb or prisoner, books, hidden trowel, unborn child; trowel for the merchant, worship for the people of the taqwa, the patient eating bananas to his death, to see the boy in the house of bananas, Banana tree owner signifies a rich person.

A banana in a dream is a sign of a child in the womb or a dead grave or a convict in prison. Banana tree is a sign to a rich man who owns religion, world and property

To dream a banana is interpreted to the unborn baby or to the dead or to anyone in prison. Banana tree is interpreted to a wealthy man who is religious and wealthy. This dream indicates that the person you are going to marry is the wrong person. If you are married, your marriage will be troubled and you will be short of money.

It's a sign that you choose the wrong man for marriage. If you are married, you will have problems with your marriage, and you will make wrong decisions about money.

It is interpreted as disease. But if the banana is green halal fortune.

To see bananas in the dream goods for the rich, for the devotee is a sign of good deeds. Married to a rich person who saw that he ate bananas during the season. To see a banana tree in a dream, is generous, touching everyone, the artist and his personality is benefited in every aspect and compared to a person who works. Seeing that there is only one banana tree in his house and that there is one fruit on it, it is a sign that the dream owner will be a son. According to another rumor: The banana seen in the dream, the trowel that is hidden, or the child or grave in the main public or grave or the person in prison or the book containing the past news or science is a sign. Banana, dress, ulfet and muhabbt sign. Banana is a generous, successful and beautiful person. If one sees that there is a banana in the house of a dream, a male child of that host is born. In the dream of the person who ate bananas, the hands of partners or someone passes by the goods. Some tabirciler, banana-eater in the dream, the man of the world, the hands of the desired amount of goods. Mushadeyin is a worshiper in worship, banana tree is a rich person who owns mushadeyin and property. Bananas, merchandise, calendars and worship for the merchant is also religion and worship for those who are competent. It is feared that the patient who eats bananas will die.

This dream is a sign that you will choose the wrong man for marriage. If you are married, you will have problems in your marriage life, you will make wrong decisions about money and you will suffer financially.

Dreaming to see or eat bananas; a new love, to have children, to become rich, to sell or lose bananas; to suffer damage, to see someone giving you bananas; to see that you will receive help and kindness from that person and give someone a banana; it is a sign that you will be of benefit to anyone, and some commentators suggest that an enemy will act in a way that makes you very upset.