Seeing a apocalypse in dream meaning

The things that one should fear and avoid, the full postponement of justice, the mercy and compassion, the revenge of the oppressed from the oppressors, the manifestation of the man's twilight, and the emergence of what he is; To be on the journey to Arasat square, to see the resurrection of himself and his wife alone is cruel, Ha┼čir (resurrected and gathered after the death) to see the honorable and honorable men and women, Surun blowing the righteous and good people to get rid of, trying to see the good work , scare the bad deeds. (See also; Judgment.)

It is a very important event for the society and the country.

Seeing the Day of Resurrection in the dream, intimidation and ugly things to anyone who intends to intimidate and to avoid it is a sign to avoid sin. Apocalypse is a sign of justice, mercy and revenge for the oppressed of the oppressed. Only in the dream of anyone who saw the rupture on him, dies. On the day of resurrection, Arasat square stands on the one who sees, travels. If one sees that he is alone and that I am with him, it is a sign that no one is cruel. Seeing the mat is a sign to an honorable woman or a very useful and honorable man. Blowing the sura is a sign that the righteous will be saved. If a person dreams that a city or a village in the city of apocalypse or the sun rises from the west, or one of the signs of the apocalypse, or even a place where the doom and punishment can be seen to see, this dream, the good deeds for the good deeds of this good and good news incentive to increase. When no one sees the apocalypse, blood is shed and sedition among the people, the revolution. war, fight and ugly things, such as the emergence of something that is a sign of the apocalyptic signs of the emergence. According to the hadith serif explained to see the apocalypse, ugly signs and a lot of signs of apocalypse is a sign that the world occurs. If one sees in the dream that the graves are split and opened from the graves of the dead, it is a sign that justice is common in that place. If one sees that the apocalypse is broken and after seeing its ahval and its violence, it is a sign that a society will be persecuted by a society if it sees that the ahval and the violence have calmed down and returned to the previous state of the world. Some tabirciler dreamed of wanting something that is opposed to the dream or is a sin to repent in negligence and neglect and repudiation, or insist on lying, they said. If a person sees the dream instead of account, it is a sign that no one is ignored for doing a good job. It is a sign that the person who sees that his account is seen in the dream is easy to compassion and compassion for him or that his wife is good and his religion is beautiful. For anyone who sees that his account is seen as violent, it is a sign of harm and loss. If one sees that he has been taken into account, his deeds have been weighed, and his deeds have come to heavier sins, he points out that there is a lot of reward and reward. If sins prevail, it is a sign that no one is in a bad state of religion and creed. If anyone sees that the scale is in hand, it is a sign that no one is on the right path. If he sees that an angel has given him a book and says to him, oku Read the book of deeds, o it is a sign that no one is on the right path and that he is in a righteous religion. It is hoped that it will be easy for anyone who sees that he is on the bridge of Sirat in understanding the dream and scales and deeds. Some tabirciler, who dreamed that the rupture of the apocalypse, the enemy to get rid of the serr, or where the apocalyptic break in the city or place is a sign of the corruption among the public.