Seeing a air in dream meaning

Standing in the air with his feet cut off from the ground, to temporarily have honor and authority, to see that he is in the air, to the instability shown in doing a job, to fall from the ground to fall to work and profession or to get rid of the sadness of this, the weather of the person's self, standing, standing with the sky, standing with the sky. Honor and blessing to see you talk to the person, the joy and happiness of the opening of the air, sadness and sorrow of the darkness, the darkness of the day suddenly the weather will come out of a troubled situation, the slow weather of the rain to rain, to rise up to the air or fly up to a spiritual rank signifies.

If the weather is clear and sunny, your chances will increase. If the weather is cloudy, you will be successful in your emotional life. If the weather is closed and depressing, unlucky and sickness is after you.

If the weather is clear and sunny, your chances will increase; If the weather is closed and depressing, unlucky and sick will leave you alone for a while.

Health, happiness, clean, interpreted as comfort.

Seeing a calm and beautiful summer air is a sign that you will have a happy and happy day, a cloudy autumn weather, shady and sad days, and a cold and stormy winter weather. Seeing yourself in the air in the void signifies that instead of losing your business, you are losing your entire capital. Seeing yourself standing on the air between the earth and the sky signifies that you are surprised about your work and that you do not know what to do. According to another rumor: the dreamer who is in the air, the honor and power is obtained. But that state does not continue. If the dreamer is a liar and arrogant, his dream is battalk. In the dream, one who sees walking in the air is a great cereal and a halal trowel. In the dream between the earth and the sky between anyone who sees the heart is busy and does not know what to do indicates. In the dream, anyone who falls from the air falls from rank, authority and reputation. If that person does not have rank, authority and reputation, he will despair of what he hopes and be deprived of it. Some tabirciler, a person who is sad and grieved, dream fall from the air Allah (CC) will save him from sorrow and grief. In the dream of anyone sitting in the air and religion and jobs in the bad way and arrogant mania comes out. In the dream, anyone who sees that he has made a house or tent in the air, or that he has rode an animal, or has done similar things, points to his death if he is sick or if there is a patient with him. Flying in the air in a dream indicates the journey to sea or land. If he flies in the air with wings, he points to the most powerful and very clear thing for the dreamer. If one sees the air alone as dark as the sky cannot be seen, he will be separated from his superior. Her supervisor or her eyes will go blind.