Seeing a adultery in dream meaning

To see adultery in the dream of treason or theft; Good to see the unrecognized prostitute; To commit haram trowel, treachery and theft with a well-known prostitute; To take adultery with a beautiful woman, to take her property, to see that she knows of adultery with the wife of someone she knows, to take something of that property of her, to see or hear that those who are known as pious and devout, adulterous, to see the exploitation, sometimes to go to pilgrimage to see adultery, to see a man and woman together, to ask his wife something, to see a young woman to play with, to lose property in an invisible; to learn knowledge and religious knowledge, access to goods and the world, if it is punished; To see that a ruler had been shot to himself, to reinforce his reign, to see adultery with a famous prostitute, to sedition and sorrow; To go to the brothel to meet the needs of the public toilet or to be in an ugly environment, to the brothel (appointment house) to go there and can not get out of there to die in a short time; To see that someone is with his / her spouse and that he / she does not make any sound even though his / her spouse is with them signifies that he / she (or his / her spouse) is assigned to his / her affairs. (See also; Type of Relationship.)

Seeing the adultery in the dream is a sign to the guest. Seeing a woman she doesn't know is adultery. According to a rumor, adultery in his sleep to see the disease signifies. Sometimes interpreters call this dream theft. Seeing a woman dreaming of adultery by approaching her is a sign that she will earn forbidden goods. Seeing you commit adultery with a beautiful young woman leaves someone to hide your property. If one sees that his friend is committing adultery with his wife, he will become the partner of one's property.

According to Abdulgani Nablusi, anyone who sees adultery in a dream goes on a pilgrimage. Anyone who sees adultery with a prostitute, suffers evil and corruption. Anyone who sees that he has entered an adultery house and has not been able to leave, soon dies. Although his wife is in bed, he sees that he is adultery with another woman and appoints one of the relatives of that foreign woman as a surrogate.

According to another rumor: Adultery in the dream is a sign of treason. Therefore, if anyone sees adultery, he is a traitor. Adultery in a dream is a sign of theft. If one sees that a woman who adults in a dream turns to him and asks his desire from his soul, he becomes forbidden. Anyone who sees adultery with a beautiful young woman puts his property in a place to be kept. If anyone sees someone he knows is adultery with his lady, he takes something from nobody's property. Anyone who sees adultery in a dream goes on a pilgrimage. If one sees a woman in a dream with a man, she demands worldliness from her husband. If someone sees that they are playing with a young woman in a dream, she loses her property in an invisible place. Anyone who sees adultery with a woman who commits adultery falls into evil and corruption. If one sees that he spends with the wife of another, that his wife is with them, and that he does not say anything which forbids him, her husband appoints a deputy for his house.

In the dream to see adultery; According to some reviewers; It is a sign that you will live a happy and peaceful life for a long time and that you will be betrayed according to some.