Seeing a ache in dream meaning

Seeing that you suffer in a dream is evidence of remorse from sins. Toothache, to feel distress from the relative of that tooth, neck pain incompatible temperament, betrayment of custody, shoulder pain wrong jobs and bad earnings, to spend the goods to commit sin and abdominal pain to be regretted, bellyache belly pain to behave soft, heart pain faith weakness, liver pain, children, good nurture, spleen pain if the loss of goods, heavy death, back pain, the brother's death or support from the people who are in trouble, thigh pain to the tribe and the nation to do wrong, foot pain to the wrong places to go, groin pain against those who say the word to think evil.

Pain in the dream indicates that it will be healthy, peaceful and safe. Relieving pain is a sign of unexpected and important help. Helping a person or animal who is in pain indicates that success will be achieved in the work undertaken.
According to some reviewers, pain in the dream; your girlfriend may disappoint you and break your heart or enter your life for someone who wants to use you for their own benefit. Or you're going to get a minor disease.

Pain in the dream has been subjected to various interpretations. Many interpreters interpret the pain seen in a dream for good and health. However, according to the location of the pain, the comments were made separately. Headache, sadness and thought; neck pain is astonished and not knowing what to do; toothache, hatred; eye pain, not being able to see far and hence disrupting their work; low back pain is incapacity and laziness; chest pain, thinking about bad things for competitors; laziness to knee pain; foot pain was interpreted on a long journey. The pain of language signifies the treacherous betrayal of his rivals against him. According to another rumor: The pain felt in the dream often refers to regret sin. Neck pain indicates the incompatibility of the dream owner and the occurrence of the complaint. Some say that neck pain indicates betrayal of custody for the dreamer or punishment by Allahu Teala. Seeing that he is suffering from shoulder pain in a dream indicates a bad gain and a bad job for the dream owner. If a person sees that he is suffering from abdominal pain, it is a sign that he has treated his wife badly. Heart pain indicates that the owner of the dream is disenchanted, liver pain, bad treatment of the child. If the dream catches a severe spleen, the death of the dreamer is feared. Lung pain is a sign that death is approaching. Back pain indicates that the dreamer's brother will die. It is a sign that the person who sees that his waist is bent in the dream, falls poor and aging. Foot pain points to wandering places where Allahu Tealaya rebelled. According to some expressions, foot pain is defined by the abundance of goods. Thigh pain, the dream of the tribe and tribe indicates that the evil. It also points to the existence of a boy. According to some tabirciler; The pain felt in the dream signifies to regret sin. Anyone who feels pain in a tooth in a dream, he heard an ugly word from the close relative. As the amount of pain he feels, that man, who is his relative, treats him harshly. Neck pain is indicative of the dream owner's incompatibility and the occurrence of a complaint. Sometimes the neck pain signifies the dream owner's failure to fulfill a custody by betraying him, and the punishment to be descended by Allahu Teala. Shoulder pain is a sign that the owner of the dream is misbehaving and misbehaving. Abdominal pain, the owner of the dream to spend his property for a sin and regrets that it signifies. Some tabirciler said that the relatives and family of the owner of the abdominal pain are in good health. Belly pain in the treatment of the mistress of the owner of the evil and misbehavior, heart pain, the owner of the religious issues of disobedience, liver pain to abuse the child, the spleen pain of the owner of a large property that ensures the livelihood of the child and the breakdown. If the pain of the spleen is severe, and even if there is a fear of death, the religion of that person to go, lung pain; Since the liver is a place where the soul is located, it indicates that the death is approaching. Back pain signifies that the owner's brother will die. Some expressions of the back pain, children, parents, leaders and friends, the owner of the dream has been strengthened, they said. A person who sees that his waist is twisted from pain in the dream signifies to be poor and aging. Some of the tabirciler, foot pain, a sign of the multiplicity of goods, they said. Tenas against the pain of the limb is a sign of evil to those who say.