Seeing a abdomen in dream meaning

Livelihood, son, property and relatives; the growth of the abdomen, the provision of sustenance, the increase of children, the abundance of the world, the expansion of the relatives circle; the shrinkage of the abdomen, the reduction of these counts to occur, the growth of the abdomen in an extreme way of distress and misery, the divine mercy of the belly of the divine mercy, the world and the Hereafter to flourish, the death of the belly on the belly to die, the belly of the wife and children of the pain, belly pain Forbidden to eat and forbidden to eat, interest to signify occupation.

Inside and outside of the abdomen, goods, children, rizk, is interpreted with relatives. It's cost to see inside and out. In his dream to see his belly grow or be nice to increase the cost of goods. According to Ibn Sirin, the growth of their sons; According to Kirmani is also a sign of the excess of relatives. Seeing that the things in it are cleansed and restored to their former state by splitting and washing the belly signifies that the Almighty Right (cc) entered the right path with the consent and that every business in the world and the Hereafter would be sure of the devil. Seeing a boy or girl coming out of his belly is a sign that he will be married. In the dream to see the belly sistig goods, according to a rumor of compassion and another rumor is plagued and plagued. Seeing his belly pierced, he is in doubt by his wife. The wife of the one who sees something in her belly is betrayed. Seeing that his abdomen is empty is referred to in three ways; worship, shortage of goods (theft), fasting. Seeing that you cut your belly with your own hand and fill a set of things, that you are eager to eat forbidden, that you take out a set of things from your belly, that your sorrow and distress diminishes, that someone clears your belly, that you feel good to someone, that you feel good, you feel good, would. According to another rumor: dreaming to see the wife's wife. maline It is a sign to those who lie together in a place and those who come out of the public. Karin prison, grave, well. well-being, illness, friendship and trust in the trowel, as well as the dreamer's religion and worship is also a sign. Therefore, if the property of anyone who sees the public cleavage of the property will be cut from the sign that the interest. If you do not have the property of the property stored for the family they are barely trying to support. Or a secret. or he loses his wife. If she is pregnant, she gives birth to a child. If the dreamer was eating from the forbidden doors, he would sign it to leave. The person who sees pus and big boils in the public is said to have something that is forbidden from him or his wife. Abdomen is also a sign of the goods and sons, which are hidden and true. Therefore, if one sees that his belly has shrunk from the state, the amount of goods and children whose belly has shrunk is reduced. If he sees the same way he grew up, he will increase his financial and adoption.